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The business of spamming email inboxes

Lately, I have been getting a lot of spam emails in my inboxes (both gmail and, inspite of the usually reliable spam protection provided by Google. A lot of this spam has attached images that I usually discard without looking. I decided to look at one of these emails tonight, and it was spam sent by someone paid indirectly by a listed company to coerce investors into buying their stock!

As you can see, the company is not doing very well, but it has some good news in the form of about $275,000 in non-brokered private proceeds. It has also appointed a new President, and a new Mining Consultant. I believe this company has only recently been listed, but due to my limited investment and stock exchange knowledge, I am not sure if that is correct. Nevertheless, what took me by surprise is the fact that the picture has a legal disclaimer that says that the spammer was paid an amount of $25,000 to “publish” the “report”! I knew that email spamming was big business, but didn’t realize it’s so easy to earn 25 grands just by sending an image to random email addresses.

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I also recieve the same mails, But campaigning for a different company, I feel that the spammer is smart, He uses image file as an inline attachment rather than texts as its easier to block text messages with regex, In a postfix server we normally put a line like


in body checks, But image in place That wont work. It doesnt surprise me that the spam protection failed

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