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It’s camping season again…

So, after a wonderful camping season last year, it’s that time again. Playstation 3 comes out this Friday (17th), and the Nintendo Wii comes out on Sunday. Already, the pre-orders for the $600 premium PS3 system are selling for as much as $1,700 on ebay!

Apparently, some people actually started lining up for the next-gen gaming console 4 days in advance, until they were made to leave. I bought an Xbox 360 last year. Maybe, I’ll get a PS3 this year!

Check out this funny video about a guy dropping his Xbox 360 last year while showing it off!

ADDENDUM: Click on this video to see the guys being interviewed before they were asked to leave!

ADDENDUM: “Entrepreneurs” in Cary, NC, are now hiring homeless people to stand in line for them for $100 a day!

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