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A smart Google investment

I just registered my profile at It’s a pretty unique service that lets you take the whole online social networking thing offline. You can tell all your friends about your current whereabouts by simply sending a text message from your cellphone to DODGE. Not only that, the service allows you to broadcast simple messages like party reminders/invitations. It is integrated fairly well with Google Maps and Google Local, giving you the option to add reviews about places you go to through your cellphone.

The service is limited to very few cities at present, and luckily Minneapolis/St. Paul is one of them. Not to be taken lightly, the service also offers a romance angle in that you can admit a crush on your friend or even their friends, and then get the option to review their current whereabouts if they so choose to reveal! Everything is handled through text messages. I can finally see myself fully utilizing the monthly text message allowance on my cellphone. All I need is some friends!

The website was started by two graduate students a few years ago, and bought by Google early last year for an undisclosed amount of money. I think this service makes perfect sense for them as it allows them to integrate 4 of their services – Maps, Local, Mobile, and Orkut, to bring out a better user experience.

If you’re in the twin cities and reading this, feel free to send me an email to be added as my friend!

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