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Switched to Gmail for Domains

I have switched to Google for managing my domain’s email from my hosting provider. The main reason was the growing email traffic that was consuming a lot of storage resources.

My first impressions of the free beta service are good. The interface is clear, and resembles that of Gmail. Every user gets exactly 2GB of email storage space, and there are 25 free users per domain. There’s no other difference compared to the basic Gmail service.

What remains to be seen is how long this beta remains free. I am enjoying it for free, but almost certainly would never pay for email hosting. Gmail is the only Google service I enjoy using routinely, and this is the only service of its kind.

What seems to be lacking, though, is the capability to migrate emails from my web hosting provider to Google’s servers. As of now, I am thinking of backing up all my previous emails using Microsoft Outlook, but it would be great to have access to them from within the Gmail interface.

For once, good going, Google!

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