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It’s the initial setup that takes all the time

I am working on a new project, and what’s different this time is that since it’s not a coursework project, I am having to deal with requirements planning, engineering, and source versioning. Working in an academic setting usually means that the infrastructure is already in place, and you just have to start writing code. Hence, software projects have a short design to production time span.

In the real world, I am collaborating with others on project requirements, design documents, and various other nitty gritty. On top of that, I am having trouble deploying the JBoss Portal Server on my personal laptop. Once, that is done, I have to compile the source code I obtained from our CVS server to work with my AS. The actual coding is very straightforward if I could just get the AS running as I want.

I wish there was enough documentation out there for certain open source projects that would make deployment seamless. As for now, I am trying to justify spending time on something that seems so mundane on the outset.

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