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“I hope you decide to live in this country”

A very interesting thing happened yesterday as I was being a tourist in downtown Minneapolis with my parents. While we were taking pictures, a young American male, probably a college student, stops by and asks us if we were from India. He then asked us if we were in the US as visitors, or whether we lived here. The guy then expressed his strong positive feelings for his country, and said that he hopes that we decide to live here permanently as it is a wonderful place to live. Finally, he commented on how smart allIndians are, and how he keeps hearing so many good things about Indians.

I have been living in the US for the last 5 years, but this was the first time I met someone so happy to be in this country. Most of the times, I see people whining about all the bad stuff, but no one acknowledges the good that makes America unique.

I will remember this incident for a long time!

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