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A cheaper alternative to Blockbuster

I just came across this company called Redbox that directly competes with Blockbuster video for DVD rentals and sales. Basically, the business model is about setting up kiosks at various McDonalds and grocers that enable self checkout of movies. The price is $1 for a day and the return is due at 7PM the next day.

It makes sense because Redbox started out as a McDonalds subsidiary and is 47.3% owned by the people at Coinstar, who specialize in coin exchanging kiosks across the US.

At present, the only locations served by Redbox kiosks are Salt Lake City, Las Vegas, Denver, St. Louis, Houston, Hartford, Washington DC, Baltimore, and of course the Twin Cities. I admit I have yet to come across any of their kiosks simply because I don’t eat at McDonalds, but after looking at the free rental coupons online, I might just have to give it a shot!

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