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Really smart, or really cogitative…

Very often, I come across blogs of friends or acquantances with extremely lengthy and/or profound posts. These kind of blogs are generally pretty interesting for a number of reasons.

But first, broadly speaking, I have found blogs to be either one of the following types:

  1. Rehash of the hottest news with added commentary.
  2. Lengthy posts with lots of metaphors, literary gems, and historical research.
  3. Random short, sometimes long, ramblings (possibly like my blog).

Now, the thing I have observed with bloggers with profound posts is the fact that most of them are actually not as interesting or even intelligent as their posts want you to believe. Of course, there’s my personal bias here, but I have noticed that these people usually get very little done in real life due to their inherent proneness to spending more time thinking than doing something. Yet, they have extremely intelligent posts.

Sometimes I wonder if most of those bloggers should have been philosophers or writers instead of engineers. Maybe the Internet does afford us the luxury of creative enrichment in unprecedented ways, blogs being one of them.

PS: This was yet another rambling brought to you by the creator of this web-log.

One reply on “Really smart, or really cogitative…”

are you saying that its an either really smart or really cogitative?? the fact that these people are so incredibly smart they dont ever stop “cogitating” kind of indicates that the really cogitative blogs are often the really smart ones… just wondering on where you were coming from.. please reply thanks x

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