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New walking shoes

Thorlo Logo I went to a store called 9th Street Active Feet yesterday to get new shoes. It had been recommended to me by my manager, who seemed to remember going there a long time ago. After coming back from the store, I have to say that it was the best shoe shopping experience I have ever had!

First off, someone on the staff examines your feet and gait cycle to point out any irregularities or “over-pronation“. After that, they measure your foot size, insisting that you wear a new pair of socks to help pick out the best comfort level for your feet. I tried out 3 pairs of shoes before I settled for a pair of Brooks Addiction shoes with pronation correction. I also bought 4 pairs of the Thorlos socks. Now, these are padded sole socks that are not cotton, but acrylic, giving the foot enough breathing room. They are also the most comfortable socks I have ever worn.

Now, the interesting thing that happened was that the Marketing Director of the “sock company” was there while I was shopping, and he offered me a buy 3 get one free deal. He was really glad that I was trying out their product, and talked to me for a bit. After coming back, I did some reading up about the company and discovered that they’re NC based, with manufacturing facilities in this state itself!

I would have definitely gone to a Dick’s Sporting Goods or similar chain-store had this independent shop not been recommended to me. The service and satisfaction I received far exceeded all of my expectations from a shoe store.

So, basically, if you live in the area, and need new shoes, head over to the 9th Street Active Feet, Inc.!

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