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What’s your blogging agenda ?

I am not very active when it comes to posting interesting, timely, well planned, and somewhat controversial tidbits on my blog. In fact, I don’t think I am addicted to this *culture* enough. There are bloggers who make it a point to make very regular additions to their log. They aim for a certain level of readership, and strive to spread word out by religiously posting comments on other blogs. I have not done all that until now.

This made me wonder. What’s my blog about? Do I have an agenda?

I have written about my predicament about the purpose of my domain before, and this time I am trying to actually rationalise the purpose of this blog. I believe that every blog should have an agenda (well defined) anyway. In fact, most blogs are highly polarized about what they talk about.

I am going to be out of school very soon, which would translate to increased involvement in some real world projects. I guess that at that juncture I would be able to form some experience based *lessons* for my readers. I would also start thinking more about what to use my second domain,, for. One of the grand ideas is to use it bring some independent hobbyists together and find resources for them to actually commercialize their inventions/ideas/discoveries. I see a very strong model for this kind of a service in the coming knowledge based global economy.

So, in a nutshell, I think my agenda would basically evolve from a more “ad-hoc” mental rambling to a more formal technology and politics “aquarium”.

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