Life and Personal

What I desire from life

The world is a cruel place. We are consistently trying to compete with the same people we love and care for, and do so in the hopes of creating a better future. Something seems wrong. We have re-aligned our notion of being content and happy in order to accomodate materialistic and “venomous” gains that are more often than not actually against the premise we started out with. We end up hurting others and ourselves.

Sometimes I wonder if there’s something I could do to make everyone around me happier. It feels so great to be able to bring a smile to some person’s face. Is it possible to separate materialistic ambitions from neutral “pleasing” aspirations? I wish we celebrated atleast one day every week where we would make someone’s day a happier day. From now on, it is my goal to brighten at least one person’s day everyday.

Life is short.

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