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Walmart’s RFID strategy is gradually being rolled out

I have been at the neighborhood Super Walmart store quite a few times over the last couple of months. Company policies notwithstanding, I always enjoy shopping at that store. Contrary to popular “anecdotes”, I have always had great customer service, and at times, the sales staff has even helped me pick out colors of bed sheets, and assisted in transporting big electronic stuff in my car.

Everyone remembers the huge brouhaha over Walmart’s extremely tight RFID rollout deadline to its suppliers. Well, it looks like Walmart is already starting to use RFID tags on almost everything it sells. There are new signs at various locations inside every store reminding the shopper that Walmart uses advanced technologies to monitor their storeshelves and inventory.

I found this collection of pictures of a Walmart store with the RDIF tags on various electronic products. This is amazing. Talk about instant notification to the store inventory frontend whenever a big item on the shelves is purchased by a shopper. Examples are furniture, mattresses, etc.

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