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Video resumes to better market yourself

A lot can be said about someone from the way they talk, express their opinions, and describe themselves. The Internet has evolved. We now have speeds that enable videoconferencing. Most of the voice communications is handled through VoIP streams these days. It makes perfect sense to use these interactive technologies in looking for a job.

A resume is the basic form of applying for a job. You market your core skills, brag about your interpersonal skills, and write about your achievements. Most companies now get more resumes by email than any other medium like fax or snail mail. A lot of hiring managers/recruiters at large corporations are also facing challenges in keeping up with the influx of resumes, and research has shown that most resumes do a very poor job at protraying the real candidate.

Imagine a scenario where your electronic job application is a software executable with a small video window and interactive text. You can actually make a better impression by recording a customized video and then highlighting it with scrolling text. Something like a powerpoint presentation. It would help recruiters in avoiding all that mess of garbled words that they so lovingly often ignore depending on the time of the day and their current mood. JobsBlog had an example a few days ago where someone got a job at Microsoft just by making a very powerful Powerpoint presentation instead of sending in a resume.

Truly, this needs to be made easy for all the non-techies out there to really be pushed into mainstream job search techniques. A standard is needed, and thus a feature-full software suite. Any venture capital people out there want to give me finance? Email me for a proposal!

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