This Blog now uses rss2pdf

For all those who like my weblog so much that they wish to read it offline, I now have a way of getting a printout ready aggregate. Please click on this link to check it out !

The software works great, and I love it !

Addendum: Thanks for the nice comment, Tom! After I posted this, I read about Google making available RSS and Atom feeds of their Google News service. I think this coupled with Tom’s rss2pdf service makes a very interesting combination. It would now be possible to generate your own newspaper by aggregating feeds from Google News and other such services, and then using rss2pdf to print them out!

Am I the only one very impressed with the way the web is evolving ?!

2 thoughts on “This Blog now uses rss2pdf

  1. Hi Again Saurabh,

    Just read your comment about the Google News RSS Feeds and thought you might want to take a look at this:

    You can use the opml2pdf function on to create a pdf ‘landing page’ from your opml file, which you can then use to navigate to one feed and then another.

    Hard to describe, just give it a whirl ;))

    Thanks again for mentioning !


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