The joy of watching movies at a Drive-In

Last evening, I went to the Vali-Hi Drive-In with a friend to watch 3 new movies, back-to-back! The cost – $7! You just can’t beat that price to watch new movies on the big screen. This was not the first time I had been to a drive-in. The last time I went to one was about 13 years ago in Ahmedabad, India. Things have changed since then, and we now have audio transmitted on a low power FM channel instead of through speakers on poles.

The best part was that I could sit comfortably in my reclined seat, which is a lot better than what you’ll find at many theaters. Not to mention that I didn’t have to stumble over people while I tried to find seats in the dark. The aftermarket speaker system really helped, too, and I was able to enjoy a very good soundtrack. And, this was after receiving an FM reception, which makes me wonder how terrible the sound system is in most movie theaters.

Only mistake on my part – forgetting to bring my warmer wear. It is starting to get cold, and driving around in a short sleeved shirt isn’t a really good idea late at night. I could use the heater but that would cost me in gas. This made me wonder, what if the drive-ins had some sort of AC or DC outlets along the poles at the parking lot so that people could connect their “appliances” for a price. That would be great.

All in all, definitely a lot better experience than going to a regular movie theater.

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