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The GM Diet

One interesting experience I had on my visit to India this summer was seeing the popularity of a weight loss diet program called “The GM Diet“. Almost everyone I know had tried this diet atleast once and seen great results in a week.

I, personally, am not a fan of diets (could also have to do with my lazy lifestyle), but I did try to find more information about this scheme, and was amazed to find very little information online. In fact, the link above is the only comprehensive webpage I was able to find that explained the origins as well as procedure for adapting this diet.

On the outset, the diet looks pretty good, and is different from other low carb diets. It is more “Indian diet friendly” as it includes a lot of fruits and vegetables that Indians eat anyway. From what I have been told, the beef could be easily substitued with any other high protein substance like tofu.

Maybe it is time for me to give it a shot …

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I think that is the case with all diet programs. They are intended to initiate the weightloss. After the initial impetus it is pretty much up to you to sustain it.

Well written article on this Big B….As you must be knowing i did follow this GM diet for one week..and the results were really great. I lost around 7 kg weight and after the whole diet, i never felt like eating a lot again. My diet since then has become controlled. I neither eat too much nor too less. Its a proper diet and since then my weight has been maintained. is a good link to know more about this diet….

I am starting this diet tommorrow.I will keep you posted.
Sonali, losing 7 kilos sounds great hope this works for me.
I am vegetarian can i eat paneer or soya beans instead?


GM diet does not include food which is non-veg. It talks about eating fruits, vegetables, etc. I guess you should follow the instructions that it tells. I followed exactly the same way the site told me to. That should work fine. Paneer is considered to be good but heavy as well if you only stick to it for one whole day.

Hi sonali
you seem to be an inspiration to people like me who want to loose weight and at the same time reduce the regular portions one eats normally.
I’v started this programme and today is my 2nd day.I’m hopeful that i’ll be able to sustain this and loose weight.

I’m on day 4 of a slightly different version of the GM diet. The plan that I’m using consists of 1 cup of rice on day 5 & 6 instead of meat and the fact that they suggest 3 days off before starting the diet again for another 7 days. Other than those items everything else seems to be the same. This is the first time that I’ve tried this diet, even though I’ve had it for about 1 year. So far, I’ve lost a total of 8 pounds. I have incorporated a strict exercise routine in addition to the diet to maximize the results. I’ve also talked 2 other co-workers and my mom to try the diet.

Yolanda….Thats good. But are you including meat in this diet? Well, I can’t say anything on that since I am Vegetarian.

My Husband recently did this GM diet, and he too lost around 6 kg of weight. And it does work I must say, he eats very less now. And about me, due to the birth of my daughter, I can’t stick to GM diet. But I will do that after she turns 1 year. Thanks to all the GM diet fans…..

What can vegetarians have instead of beef?and in what quantity?Planning to start the diet from tomorrow

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