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The Global Face of the Indian IT Industry …

The Indian IT industry isn’t all about doing world class work at rock-bottom prices. That is one of its most regarded facets. There is another side of the coin that everyone so easily neglects. The Indian IT industry is global in the truest sense of the word.

Recently, I have been getting emails from college batchmates about positions in their companies that require the knowledge of a European language. There is an actual need for multi-lingual Indian software professionals at almost every company. For example, Tata Consultancy Services is hiring foreign language experts and multilingual software professionals for overseas projects.

Even in urban India, school and college students are not content with knowing just 2 spoken languages. Almost every school student is learning French, German, or Spanish as a hobby. These same youngsters would later on work for the world!

All I can say on this American Independence Day celebratory evening is that India is numero uno.

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