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Reality TV at its worst ?

I am a night person, and do most of my work late at night while watching TV or a movie to create a non-dull ambience. Lately, I have been watching two dating shows, Blind Date and Elimidate almost religiously every weeknight. As you can tell from their names, these shows are supposedly reality shows with the ultimate aim to set up a guy with a girl while making it an educational and interesting experience for the viewer.

Now, if you have never seen either of the two shows, I really suggest getting hold of a couple episodes of both. I just love Blind Date. The show is more often than not pretty hilarious and actually pleasant to watch. I love the witty thought balloons and Roger Lodge’s sarcasm. Elimidate, on the other hand, is one of those “reality” shows that disgust you, but you, nevertheless, watch them just to see how low they could really go. The participants have no other objective than to humiliate each other as badly as possible. They have the same kind of dialogs and activities in every episode, which makes me wonder if it isn’t as real as they make it out to be.

I would really like to see a followup to these episodes. Do the contestants wonder the next day for being so stupid drunk the last night? Do these shows really work for them? What kind of releases do they have to sign before they get on the show? These are some of the questions that pop up in my mind while I watch the shows come to an end.

It would be great to see an Indian dating show, with the guy trying harder to please the girl’s parents than the girl. Imagine the possibilities. I am thinking that the show would be much more “intelligent” as well. Maybe one of these days Star One would run a dating show!

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