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I am deeply interested in philosophy pertaining to the way of life, along with theology and theomorphisms. Being an engineer with a good amount of exposure to biology, I now tend to think of life with a greater metaphysical twist in reasoning. A lot of my friends don’t agree with the crudeness with which I describe life as primarily being a set of complex chemical reactions; all gone haywire. I respect life, and my scientific, causality based, and somewhat rational approach to finding the answers to questions about life have really helped me, or at least that is what I want to believe.

A lot of philosophers have spent a lot of time trying to find out the meaning of life. Why are we alive? Why do we die? Is death inevitable (although a very recent research has isolated a gene that inhibits programmed cell death!) ? Questions of this sort have always haunted each one of us at one or the other stage of life. There is no concrete answer simply because we do not understand the mechanism of life. We can only restrict ourself to our existential state of reference and try to formulate theories. Life could very well be an accident.

What makes us believe that we are alive? Is it because we move? Is it because we die? Would it be right to say that it is death that defines life? Maybe our life on earth is the spiritual precursor to a real life somewhere else. Maybe life on earth is a way to separate or maybe conjoin soul with mind in the grand scheme. I would love to get answers to some of these doubts and questions.

Now, I talk about life a lot when I am with friends, and tonight was no different. It started with one of my friends making a comment that he just cannot understand females. I have to admit; I have no problems understanding people. I believe that we are all minions working tirelessly to reap the most benefits out of this supposedly limited life we have been “gifted” with. Now, all you have to do to understand people is to put yourself in their shoes. Easier said than done, this is a sure-shot way to understand anyone’s behavior. I don’t think anyone is born evil. In fact, I can argue with anyone about the definition of evil. Saying that something is evil or a sin is like calling someone ugly. No matter how ugly someone appears to you, there’ll always be a large number of other people who find beauty in that someone. Who are we to judge someone or something?

Sure, the humans in power, either politically, monetarily, spiritually, or professionally would love you to believe that you have a deficiency. This is how they are able to force their ideas and “threat” down to the others. Humans, by design, love to follow orders. We yearn for spirituality. We crave to be controlled. We seek order; order through external authority. Some people are beyond that and they are the ones who use their persuasive powers to counter equality. What makes something ethical and/or right? Again, what’s ethical for me could be a sin to you.

My take tonight on the whole meaning of life issue wasn’t any different from one I realized later on after I searched the Internet for “meaning of life”. I believe that we are on earth to find out the answers to questions regarding life. We have achieved our goal from life when we run out of questions to seek answers to. At that point, it is time to die. We have completed our objective. Different people have different ways of finding answers to their questions. Some believe in leadership, some in following orders, some in doing what they deem as good to others. In the end, we do not deserve to breathe any longer if we run out of questions.

Sometimes I feel that I don’t have any more questions about life …

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