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I am 2 degrees away from Bill Gates

According to the Six Degrees of Separation theory, I am now connected to Bill Gates through a 2 degree long chain.

Here’s my Chain:

Bill Gates

CliffyB is the lead game designer for Epic Games in Raleigh, NC. I met him for an informal lunch in late 2004 because I was interested in learning more about the gaming industry. He designed one of my favorite PC games, Jazz Jackrabbit, more than a decade ago.

It is amazing how motivation and inspiration guide you towards your aspirations. This guy is a college dropout, and just had one goal in life; to make it big in the videogame industry. I would say he has achieved all that and more. Currently, he’s working on the new XBOX 360 game called “Gears of War” that is supposed to be the biggest game of this year.

CliffyB recently met Bill Gates for the first time ever, and you can see him with BillG in the videos posted at this blog. Watch Bill Gates say that Microsoft is counting on Gears of War for the success of their Xbox 360!

Now, I just need to shorten this chain…

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