Death toll reaches 696 in Maharashtra floods

The death toll is still rising and stands at 696 as of today. This is a really sad natural calamity that begun on July 26th and was unlike any other monsoon rainfall experienced in India. 944 mm of rainfall was received on the first day itself in the Mumbai metropolis!

Luckily, my family had planned to be away from Mumbai much before this rain and did not have to face any difficulties. One of my cousins did, however, have to get to Mumbai on the 26th for a medical exam/interview and was lucky enough not to be stranded at the airport as it was still functional on the first day of heavy rains.

Flickr has many photo galleries covering the floods.

I can only imagine the plight of the poor and the lower middle class in coping with this unwarranted natural disaster. I extend my prayers in support of everyone hit by these rains, and hope that everything returns to normal again.

Addendum: Wikipedia has excellent coverage of the floods.

AP is reporting that the official death toll is at 910.

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