Be philanthropic and win money at the same time !

I didn’t get to update my blog during the last couple of days, so I would like to apologize to my friend Vel for not spreading the word earlier than this. Anyway, here it is:

I have been involved with a great organization – Project Why for a while.

Read more about them here –

They have more than 500 children that they take care of and only have money left for a month.

A few bloggers, myself included have come up with an idea – A lucky draw for the charity with a $2 raffle ticket and a prize (to be determined), with the profits donated to Project Why.

This is a great opportunity to help feed some poor children in India, and also stand a chance to win $100 in the form of a gift certificate. Vel is very active in the blogging community and has already raised $547 in the last 4 days!

Please spread the word out and contribute whatever possible in the form of multiple entries in the raffle! Remember, every ocean is made of several drops!

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