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Happiness – how we all crave it, yet try so much harder than we ought to to be truly happy!

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These are interesting times. While there are a couple, if not more, wars going on about protection of freedom(s), on America’s home turf, an organization known as the TSA has been given the legislative mandate to aggressively monitor every single person trying to get on an airplane.
People are being violated in public by these employees, threatened, humiliated, etc. etc. On last count, the TSA was successful in apprehending some drug abusers. But, that’s besides the point of this article.
Every country needs safeguards to make sure that air safety is not …

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This question statement often comes up.
We’re developing an iOS application, and of course, the user would have to input some personal information before he/she can start using the application. What kind of validations should be implement on the device? Which ones on the server?
Most people, especially when starting out on a new project, consider input validation to be a fairly trivial problem statement with fixed states. But, as the application matures, they fairly quickly realize that every input has its own set of error and valid states. The validation problem …

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Why I support the Border Security Bill

America is lucky to have a very active immigration debate in this day and age when every other country is on its toes to recruit talent globally. People want to move to America for a better life, better future, and for freedom to take risks that they couldn’t back home. I can only hope that something good comes out of bills like HR 6080.

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I have always been one to experiment with new ideas and technologies, and I am proud to say that, albeit late, I am now going to actively use Posterous. This blog has always served to be a bigger and more thorough outlet for my thoughts. The Posterous aspect of it would serve to expose my other side – the side that takes casual pictures, does casual business through emails, and is often on the move but doesn’t want to let the thought die.
I hope you enjoy the new – posterous.cerebrawl.com!

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Should you use Interface Builder?

Ever since I started out with iPhone development, I have seen a lot of debate online about the pros and cons of using the Interface Builder tool that comes as a part of the developer toolkit for Mac and iPhone development. In this post, I put forward my opinion that I believe is also the opinion of seasoned Mac developers. And that is – try to use Interface Builder for your Mac/iPhone apps as much as possible. There is a reason Apple has spent so many years perfecting it.

The article rebukes certain ill-conceived notions and aims to encourage the reader to seek out the pros and cons of using IB on their own on a case by case basis.